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Acoustic waves for biosensing and innovation in healthcare

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By on 13th December 2016


Martha Valiadi
Research Fellow
I am a marine microbiologist with an interest in both fundamental biology and technology development for ocean monitoring. In my current role I am leading the development of novel in situ nucleic acid sensors for ocean monitoring (TechOceanS, H2020) by bringing together technologies developed for marine and biomedical science. This follows from my multidisciplinary background combining an education in marine science (Masters in Oceanography 2007 and PhD in marine molecular microbiology 2011, University of Southampton, UK), with postdoctoral experience in evolutionary biology/genomics and microbial interactions (MPI Evolutionary Biology, DE; University of Exeter, UK) as well as experience with microfluidic based molecular bioanalytics in both academia (University of Southampton, UK) and biomedical industry (Binx Health, UK).