The Gizeli Group

Acoustic waves for biosensing and innovation in healthcare

Laboratory equipment

By on 19th December 2016

Acoustic biosensing instrumentation

Surface cleaning/modification

  • Spin coater Specialty Coating Systems P6700
  • Plasma cleaner Harrick PDC-002

Optical biosensors

Analytical instruments

3D printers

Electronics for biosensing

  • Network Analyzer Hewlett Packard 8753S
  • Network Analyzer Hewlett Packard 4195A
  • Network Analyzer Agilent E5061A
  • Network Analyzer Keysight Technologies N9923A
  • Switch/Control system Agilent 3499A

The lab is also equipped with all standard equipment for molecular biology and biotechnology. In addition, we are fortunate to have access to the following facilities: